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GEHWOL Gerlasan Hand Cream

GEHWOL Gerlasan Hand Cream

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GEHWOL Gerlasan Hand Cream is the perfect solution for anyone looking to protect and care for their hands. With a protective care emulsion containing urea, jojoba oil, glycerin, tapioca starch, panthenol, aloe vera, Bisabolol, triclosan, and clotrimazol, this hand cream is formulated to protect and care for worn-out hands.

The combination of high-quality ingredients like urea, aloe vera, and glycerin helps to protect and moisturize the skin, while active antimicrobial substances protect against infections. The anti-inflammatory ingredients Bisabolol and panthenol promote healing, while the antifungal clotrimazol completes the perfect protection, making it ideal for hands that come into frequent contact with water and cleaning materials. With its quickly absorbed, non-sticky, and moisturizing formula, this hand cream will protect your hands all around with regular application, leaving them feeling soft and smooth.

So, if you're looking for a hand cream that will protect and care for your hands, look no further than GEHWOL Gerlasan Hand Cream. With its blend of high-quality ingredients, this cream is perfect for anyone looking to keep their hands looking and feeling their best.

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