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GEHWOL Hydrolipid Lotion

GEHWOL Hydrolipid Lotion

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For those looking for intensive care and lasting moisture for their legs and feet, look no further than GEHWOL Hydrolipid Lotion. This easily spread lotion with a range of active ingredients, including urea, glycerin, avocado oil, jojoba oil, tapioca starch, oat extract, ceramides, and climbazole is ideal for daily use.

Urea and glycerin bind moisture in the deep layers of the skin while softening and reducing new build-up of calluses. Missing lipids in dry skin are balanced through avocado oil and jojoba oil, while ceramides strengthen the protective layer of the skin and prevent it from drying out, reducing flaking. Tapioca starch leaves a silky, pleasant feel on the skin, while climbazole helps to prevent foot odour and fungal infections.

Dermatologically tested, this lotion is ideal for anyone seeking to care for their legs and feet with an easily spread lotion that provides lasting moisture and helps to prevent foot odour and fungal infections.

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