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AG Stucco

AG Stucco

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Get the perfect natural, tousled look with AG Stucco, a non-greasy matte clay paste that provides texture, separation, and moldability. This lightweight formula features natural oceanic sea clay, which originates from British Columbia’s coastline to condition and replenish moisture and protein in hair while thickening hair and enhancing texture with over 70 minerals. Kaolin (China Clay) helps absorb oil, resulting in a matte finish, and PVP/DMAPA copolymers provide hold that effortlessly rinses from hair.

In addition, AG Stucco contains natural herbal extracts, including chamomile, wild cherry bark extract, hops, nettle, rosemary leaf, and sage leaf extracts, which soothe the scalp and add shine to hair. This versatile product is best for natural, matte-tousled looks, from short and spiky to piecey definition.

To use AG Stucco, simply emulsify a small amount in your palms, then run your hands through dry hair and shape and mold as desired. For increased hold, mix AG Stucco with Welding Paste. Achieve the perfect natural, tousled look with AG Stucco, a lightweight and versatile matte clay paste.

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