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AG Spray Body

AG Spray Body

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Achieve a voluminous, full-bodied look with AG Spray Body, an alcohol-free, soft-hold volumizer specially formulated for very fine to medium hair. Packed with body-building panthenol, this volumizer adds volume and acts as an effective style refresher throughout the day, ensuring that your hair always looks its best.

With a volume factor of 2/5 and hold factor of 1/5, AG Spray Body is enhanced with AG's Regenerative Complex, which contains clinically-proven pea sprout extract, ginseng, and ginger to help create and maintain an optimal environment for healthy hair growth and fuller-looking hair.

This powerful formula is packed with a range of nourishing ingredients, including panthenol, which helps thicken the hair shaft, silk proteins that add moisture, strength, elasticity and shine. And organic tilicene, which increases volume by forming a protective and supportive film on hair. Pea sprout extract rebalances the lifecycle of hair, improving hair density and fullness, while ginseng root extract encourages hair growth by stimulating the scalp's metabolism, bringing nutrient-rich blood to the roots. Ginger root extract is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antiseptic, while rosemary leaf disinfects and soothes the scalp, creating a healthy environment for hair growth. Sage leaf, nettle, chamomile, wild cherry bark, and hops herbal extracts soothe the scalp and add shine to hair, while cetrimonium chloride smoothes hair and fights static-induced flyaways.

To use, simply spray AG Spray Body through clean, damp hair, paying attention to the roots. Blow-dry, and the more you spray, the more volume you'll get. Re-spray during the day to refresh tired styles and maintain your hair's full-bodied look.

Achieve fuller-looking hair with AG Spray Body, a volumizing formula that nourishes and revitalizes your hair from the inside out.

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